I’ve been in web development since 2001 starting with maintaining a relatively small site and, since then, developing many medium to large online properties. During all of this I’ve held off on creating a blog for myself because I didn’t feel I had a lot to say.

I’ve also been in the IT field in a more general sense for about a decade, working with networking, desktop support, application support, and most usefully, developing solutions that allow applications to work together. These are batch files, PHP scripts, Excel Templates, shell scripts, and whatever else is handy. The applications I’ve worked with (besides Windows, Windows Server, and Mac OS) include the usual suspects from Adobe, Microsoft, and the LAMP stack. Additionally, I’ve worked closely with aspects of ROS 2000, Lightspeed POS, Monsoon, and UPS WorldShip.

What thoughts do I have that no one else has had? What unique insights into the world do I have? I’m not sure, but what I realized was that I’m encountering problems others are certainly encountering as well. In addition, I’m creating solutions that others could use. Finally, I realized that I keep having to recreate solutions myself! Why not write them down? If they’re useful to others, so much the better!

I don’t pretend to have the best solution to every problem, but I do have solutions that work. Anyway, I hope what I write is useful.

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