Jumping Pictures in Microsoft Word

I normally use Adobe InDesign (after abandoning PageMaker a while ago, thankfully!) for print layouts but I recently ended up needing to do a relatively simple, plain-background layout in Microsoft Word (I did this on Microsoft Word:Mac 2011 on a MacBook Pro running Mac OS X, but it should be the same or similar for all versions of Word at least from 2007 on).

In doing this layout I used both the “Behind Text” and “In Front of Text” options from the “Wrap Text” option in the “Format Picture” ribbon. However, whenever I would try to resize or move a picture it kept jumping around! I could go from 2″ wide to 2.15″ wide but not from 2.15″ to 2.25″… it jumped to 2.5″ and moving the images was just as painful.

It turns out that Word has an invisible grid on by default and never having used Word for any significant or even relatively complicated layouts previously I had no idea that the grid even existed! I found this solution from “Rohn007” on this page in Microsoft’s Community site.

All you have to do to solve this issue is go to the “Layout” ribbon (where you would change your page orientation, size, margins, etc.) and under “Grid” uncheck the “Snap Objects to Grid” checkbox. After that, everything worked as expected!

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